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Supercapacitor options

Supercapacitor options

There are at least one research group promising fast recharging times with Li-ion batteries but the supercapacitor industry continues evolving in energy density. Names like graphene appeared some time ago and each day the commercialization seems a bit closer.

To check the availability and development of the supercapacitor brands, anyone could check big providers of electronic equipment to see what's going on about capacitance, recharging cycles or speed and also price, another main factor to the EV sector.

There are big options like 4000 farads with a height of about 150mm although the price is considerably high. A big aspect to mention is how numbers like >500.000 recharging cycles normally appear at the datasheets so this is a point to remember; others say double!

Anyway, nothing about graphene or supercapacitor parts surpassing the energy density of lead-acid batteries as it was published more than a year ago.

A supercapacitor could be recharged in seconds, advancing a great step to multiple industries and people.

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