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Space heating leaves you cold but not necessarily

FeaturedSpace heating leaves you cold but not necessarily

Winter means cold and with it, methods to heat the living space and stay relatively warm at least near the recommended temperature. There are different techniques, some involving very accessible tools like candles covered by an inverted ceramic vase with a hole in the top that makes the hot air to circulate. Curious, isn't it? Some technologies go pretty close to 90% or more in efficiency, a number that goes down when the system is not in good condition.

Electricity arrives other time at the top of versatility since its efficiency is almost 100% due to how resistors convert it to heat naturally. While this characteristic bothers the electronic industry, on the other hand it makes very efficient heaters, with a low production price, good security and without harmful effects for health like some combustion byproducts because as anyone should know the idea of polluting from the chimney or other kind of somewhere hole was working during some centuries until the current extremism in terms of pollution rate.

Space heating is in several places the most important cause of energy consumption per year. Some areas principally consume natural gas and then causing a combustion byproduct. These include NOx, CO2, CO, VOCs, SO2 and also particulate matter (PM). Another clear example of trunk unsustainability since multiple real-state sectors are constructed with these primary heat systems.

Summarizing you can propose an example of what an individual could produce each winter day causing harmful air pollutants. The habitual combustion produces danger and for that it must be banned for massive use because to permit it is equal to face consequences of high relevance.

Something that doesn't happen with electricity, at the technological reach.

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