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Nanostructures to improve conductivity or other characteristics

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Carbon nanotubes are allotropes of this periodic element and another piece to create puzzles. The discovery of graphene was also another interesting step due to its great properties. It was already proven that the most used conductors today for electricity could be improved mixing nanostructures with the raw material. For instance adding nanostructures to a certain extent like graphene in copper the result is more heat conductivity and it could help develop new generations of processors with more power and less energy consumption. Others pointed to conductors with more current capability and less resistance.

Very recently, a group of researchers published something in relationship with the improvement of thermal conductivity of plastics with a graphene coating up to six hundred times.

It looks like today it's time for testing not simply what to do with nanostructures by themselves but also to experiment what happens when you add these tiny structures to other materials or elements alone.

As carbon continues being an abundant element in the Universe and also here, there's no impediment to use it in any sort of technology. The mandatory requisite is to discover where and why! Nature knows it because always has an empiric response for everything, but it's difficult to ask for a meeting.

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