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Magnetism for linear motion

FeaturedMagnetism for linear motion

A magnet creates attraction so at that moment the movement toward it is linear. Rewind it, and this powerful energy continues without limits, breaking the action of others like gravity and for that reason, it looks like a good area to invest resources and research, establishing awards or other actions that could bring new discoveries to use it for electricity production, as a help for more gain or with luck the main source of action without other elements.

Some say that this cannot be done as it breaks the physic laws, but in other times different people believed in a plane instead of a spherical planet. We think that is obviously possible and it was already done with the own magnet, creating a perpetual field that constantly works.

Imagine what could happen if someone discovers the method to create magnetic based engines, with no necessity for fuel, electricity or other energies. With direct traction, using the specifications of the own magnet, its ability to attract tons in dependance of the size although cleverly utilizing that power to be transmitted to the wheels, it might be possible to travel the entire world without a single stop and completely free. Electricity generators at home or industrial installations, unlimited.

A clean environment...

Do you think is possible? A dream that continues at the hand of almost everyone because the magnet price is relatively low so for the experiments you don't need in principle billionaire bills!

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