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Solar energy at your hands

FeaturedSolar energy at your hands

This sector is going to experience a revolution and those who are ready for it have advantage. Analyzing the great problems of ozone depletion, ocean acidification, air toxicity and climate instability to cite some, the instantiation of a civilization uniquely based in solar energy might in theory solve them, and without creating other side effects.

Nuclear energy is too risky because any accident affects the entire world releasing unstable atoms with self-life of potentially thousand years or more. As no human engineering can be perfect and the Earth is an unstable ground, to leave a chance of error with these consequences cannot be rationally assumed. Chernobyl, Fukushima, ... are examples of what's around there.

Burnt based energies evidently are a source of issues as well. Toxicity in living areas, PM 2.5, PM 10, NOx that destroy ozone alone are enough to never permit them. Add climate instability or ozone depletion and their massive use starts to be simply irrational.

Without interest to continue citing sources of energy that are better untouched, the only main classification here should be internally or externally produced energy. So, any that comes from inside the atmosphere is internal and the Sun or other sources out of it are for sure external.

Rational species would simply analyze that to interact with internal resources leads to instability creating a problem where no one existed. At the same time, external energy arrives with the possibility of using it or losing it without intelligence. Even covering 5% of the planet surface in the same spot and delivering the energy to any location the environment cannot be affected more than in this percentage so the final status is a sustainable progress, with clean and logical development.

Even if the population needs more surface, there's the possibility of externally acquiring solar energy and install a distribution channel to the atmosphere's interior without a single percentage of geologic relevance. Neither problems to install nuclear factories in outer space as this is the natural place of radiation.

This epoch, sadly, for to not focus over these realities, could be considered primitive and savage or those that understood the path and went for it after experiencing in their own life problems without making them bigger each day.

Let's go for the solar revolution as fast as possible.

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