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Unwanted copies? Part II

Unwanted copies? Part II

From other perspective it's rare to observe a movie without semblances to others, in numerous ways. Thus yes, it's a work but always takes others into consideration and sometimes as a pillar without claiming equally loud for the right of those inserted ideas, maybe already imprinted in the learning process so they will always go there.

There are different opinions about the subject, who thinks a movie is entertainment or others that see culture that worth distribution for the benefit of humanity. The same in terms of any other representation of knowledge that could achieve improvements in each character leading to a better chance of production, potentially highly beneficial to the development in any area. A movie places perhaps the seed for a result after time, but without it, nothing appears so what is better?

An important issue in a capitalistic scenario where some production chains simply see business and use the art as a magnet for money appears to be the results. A product, with a reiterative formula, achieves popular success but it doesn't enter in that kind of art that we should tag as significant or valuable in terms of heritage. It also happens with music, with very, very repetitive lines to create fashion until a point of exploitation and despise. This is not what happens with other music, with a high degree of complexity and advancing from hundred years toward thousands more.

Some people think that being capable of standing between some reiteration in music, images, sequences, argument or all this together the price is inverted so it's the production team who needs to pay to the user!

And what happens with the measurable gains in massive distributions? The name of an actress appears in million places when otherwise it could be empty space. Music for live concerts, file extensions for software and standardizations with support, training and other academic efforts, with better price than the competency. Users and users seeing advertisement and clicking, and others saying that this is not the purpose. Using the own products for implicit advertisement, with brands here or there. Perhaps not only us have who's been seeing movies with inserted brands comparable to a TV advertisement. Paying to see advertisement? In what area? In TV or Internet where this normally is the counterpart of free content?

All these factors should be taken in consideration before qualifying something as an unwanted copy and more importantly to establish legislation.

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