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Unwanted copies? Part I

Unwanted copies? Part I

If an entity distributes a media file to an individual, is it possible to avoid copies or other form of distribution? This continues being a big headache for who designs security systems and as of today, the number of files thought to be private but ready to download in Internet ensures that it's not particularly easy.

Peer to peer networks create a server of high proportions where numerous individuals download files at high speeds sharing a bit of upload speed from different peers. For a company, maintaining a server of such quality shouldn't be economic.

Thinking for instance in a movie, once an individual acquires a licit download right, there's the chance of being massively distributed on the Internet at high quality creating important loses. There's a big chance to it since today the pages with instructions, lists or conveniences in general to download it have the possibility of adding advertisements to the site. The earnings with this system is proportional to the number of visits, and like they are supposed to acquire millions each day, the quantities have multiple digits, in the order of seven or eight, perhaps more in a year.

That movie, finally, it's going to be in the public domain once is publicly distributed through TV, sooner or later with a zero cost. Anyway the industry loses the possibility of a better performance between those stages, sharing it without interest with those other distributors without part in the creative process but the idea of unethically using their work or say ideas (more about this later) in exchange for money. This behavior in the natural world has a name!

In the user side, without lucrative purposes, the felony cannot be compared to others as the damage is always in the virtual side with a complex method to prove it. Say that your product was downloaded by ten million users and if its price was two euros the lost that you are going to believe is twenty million. That's with some unreal assumptions because multiple people only download a file if it doesn't have price, a great percentage. Sometimes for testing, others for curiosity or maybe because it looks at that moment a better option than others so without the free keyword the number of downloads is always lesser.

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