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Advancing in fuel consumption

Advancing in fuel consumption

The electric vehicle technology avoids completely the air pollution with all its complexities and dangers. At the same time, the fuel price goes higher and higher so multiple people are searching for solutions. One of them was to propose vehicles with low consumption figures, some surprising like the Golf 1.6 Bluemotion with 3.2 litres each 100 kilometers, competing with motorbikes with a weight four or five times less.

Nonetheless they are exceptions as the average consumption per four wheels vehicle is maybe double like it was before without these forced efforts to create "ecologic" vehicles. In quotes because no combustion engine could be considered ecologic, green or finally safe for health, singularly in the contemporary context. Doing so only worsens one of the main issues of today.

As it be, it's a good therapy to demonstrate that any effort creates more possibilities for success and that other models do not stay at this level of optimization. It was possible, but time ago the worries about pollution or fuel costs weren't very strong as it seems.

Simply knowing the consumption rates of hydrocarbons and its price, it's more than straightforward to understand why the interrelated companies stay on top of the business world. The backup idea continues being puerile, so find a natural resource, establish its property and sell it like if it were yours!

A good indication of new winds are, between others, the independence of vehicle manufacturers having a model of business where to sell units is enough, without special care for the energy source. Everyone wants to live in a clean and safe atmosphere so we could hope that combustion engines cannot continue their life even this way because there are other sources of energy, free and clean so it's much better for clients.

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