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A little about heliostats and economics

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Although the idea behind the heliostat doesn't look for adults the device must be proposed, invented and successfully tested. According to the most cited history, the first heliostats were constructed perhaps in the XVII or XVIII century. Today, the information and tools are much more extensive and almost anyone with a bit of interest could construct a heliostat, and robotic.

The objective is to use a mirror and a tracking mechanism so that way the sunlight always point to the same location. Thanks to the science and concretely the branch of physics it's possible to join more heliostats creating a stronger ray of sunlight, with higher energy toward the desired point.

Knowledge like this opens the window to a new future, in which clean and sustainable energy production is more than possible. Using a steam based turbine and a method to conserve the produced heat, even in the long nights without sunlight the production of electricity would continue without undesirable side-effects.

Maybe someone is wondering right now how the most used sources for energy production are then based in reactions that cause high toxicity, danger, depletion of reservoirs and waste. Well, the answer is more related to politics, economics and the inertial development. Furthermore, there are also an observable resistance to abandon situations of privilege, an aspect that finally leads to irrational actions as the main victim is the environment who sustains all life and its welfare.

The price is always a subjective idea, but in this case objectively causes an illogical civilization. It chooses problems instead, affecting to the present and the future.

While we should also admit too that there are more spectators than people fighting to focus the heliostat if you permit the metaphor, multiple companies and individuals want other history for their life and a different fate for new generations.

Now, thermosolar plants based in heliostats are reducing costs during the last years using methods to substitute the expensive tracking mechanisms with at least two DC motors per heliostat, ensuring a better investment for capitalistic entities and competitiveness. This time, it's not always strictly profit since the promotion of a better environment always emerges from whom live in it! Reason enough to consider that the most recommendable action seems to invest here, both for economics and prosperity.

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