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Is it possible to recharge an EV in minutes?

FeaturedIs it possible to recharge an EV in minutes?

Sure, creating a battery pack with more than one recharge channel! If the battery pack has two independent channels with half the capacity each, the recharging time is cut in half. The industry looks a bit rigid trying to use a single recharge channel for the entire battery, discovering no less than multiple technical difficulties when the watts go higher than 100 kW.

It's very easy to design a plug with 4 main DC channels, each one with its wire and capable of handing 75 kW. When the battery accepts four independent recharge channels, the total energy adds up to 300 kW, with a convenient recharge time of a few minutes...

For sure, it's possible to design a battery pack with four independent sections and a charger that provides independently current. Let's wait just in case someone sees the green light in the next years!

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