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Electric motorcycle mile range and charging time

FeaturedElectric motorcycle mile range and charging time

Even top manufacturers are now focusing electric motorcycles as they know that the technology is ready, with better specifications each year and more promising than ever. As the electricity should have lower price and there's always the possibility of being harvested by the user without costs more than the initial installation, the inversion seems a good movement especially to avoid the contamination that affects health and quality of life.

Even with 10 hours of charging, at night there's plenty of time to start the day with a full charge for any daily need! Working, resting, socializing, ... not few options in standard plugs.

At the same time the mile range continues being a limitation for those that do not have other method to travel long distances without being worried about charging time. That's why we were checking what you can expect in mile range and charging time today.

There are several models surpassing 250 km /150 miles with a single charge. The Brutus V9 promises 450 km / 280 miles in certain circumstances, with conservative driving in cities.

The charging times are being lowered thanks to special plugs in charging stations that lower the time for a full charge to less than an hour sometimes, with an impressive quick charge of ten to fifteen minutes, fifteen to twenty in Europe with another plug model.

These plugs are now present in multiple locations, but the estimations are of much more for the next years. Zero Motorbikes says about CHAdeMO quick charger plugs that "Based on Pikes Research estimates, 115,000 of these chargers will be installed by 2017."

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