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Li-Ion 18650 current maximums

FeaturedInside a laptop battery packInside a laptop battery pack

The evolution in this field worth the attention as the 18650 battery model is now intensively used for electric vehicles. An update in specifications means a parallel upgrade in battery packs.

Panasonic has the NCR18650B with a typical value of 3350 mAh.

LG Chem seems to have a pink 3000 mAh model but searching for 18650 doesn't produce results in its web page! As far as we know these batteries are being used in multiple fields, not only industrial. It looks like another case of the customer – professional dichotomy without too much logic.

There are names like BYD or others, although 3350 – 3400 mAh by the NCR18650B Panasonic model seems the top capacity today.

Some rumors at the same time of surpassing 4000 mAh using a voltage up to 4.35V.

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