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RAM usage goes unsustainable

FeaturedRAM usage goes unsustainable

For presenting an available example of contemporary RAM usage and energy waste, a common Windows 7 32 bits operating system with Firefox 31, designed by Mozilla. Six instances of Google search engine and the RAM usage is near 230.000.000 bytes / 230 megabytes.

Each byte stores 8 bits of information then with 255 possible states. Any Google search engine instance is very basic with the colorful logo image, buttons and so on thus this is not a matter of web complexity full of audio, images, video or text.

Let's review this: for the six pages, a total of 230.000.000 bytes with 255 states each individual byte. Not so long ago, entire operating systems would consume nor a tiny fraction of it in megabytes but today, with the sense of having enough for wasting, the results speak for themselves.

Perhaps it's time to rewrite some software and keep the statistics sustainable. With a scenario where electricity consumption generates pollution, nuclear waste or resource depletion, any bad usage must get massively criticized.

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