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With induction everything seems different

FeaturedWith induction everything seems different

We could define induction as the amazing fact when a magnetic field that is being moved produces voltage in a conductor placed on its actuation zone. A discovery that changed the way of living because after that to produce electricity become an everyday task, in any place. If to move a magnet near a conductor creates voltage other ideas were proposed to achieve it. Placing for instance the magnet in the wheel of a bike creates enough energy for light bulbs or at the same time could be useful for recharging batteries or whatever use. The alternator of a car works in the same fashion or fancy ideas like regenerative braking.

Using field energy as magnetic repulsion since it produces movement there's the chance of using this energy to produce electricity.

Nuclear facilities, hydroelectric or thermosolar all finally rely on induction to create transportable energy. The method always insist; move the magnet near the conductor so the two poles positive and negative create the alternate current. AC, or with other words, a sinusoidal (plus to minus in a cycle measured in Hertzs) wave that at the same time is the representation of the energy production by induction.

With this knowledge and using a time machine, the past would start to be also singularly different. Two very common ingredients for the recipe: magnet and a conductor (copper, aluminum, gold, silver, ...). Is it not knowledge gold by itself?

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