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Discovering alive electrons

The so-called electron treeThe so-called electron tree

Once upon a time the planet was considered a plane, and this is not the case. According to that and other past experiences, any concern about new theories around there could be reasonable. Electrons fit to explain different phenomena, those that laboratory equipment can perceive, although is strange how the electrons constantly appear in the massive generators for being delivered to so many places without return. The generator uses the positive and negative field of a magnet for creating electricity by induction. If the electrons flow across the conductor like particles of water, the flux of these little fundamental particles starts without sort of initial reservoir. Even more, this reservoir of electrons is then infinite because it doesn't need to be refilled.

Multiple teachers explain this as a complete closed path of electrons, so any metal permits flow out where there's an electron coming. Although the electrons are then dispersed to rechargeable batteries, converted to cathodic rays and more, leaving the nest? Inside rechargeable batteries for instance, an oxidation that implies the creation of electrons is implied. Creating particles with mass, electrons. Is that easy?

The wave-particle duality considers the electron a particle in some circumstances and a wave / radiation another. The "duality paradox" is a key concept in quantum mechanics.

The string theory looks the electron mixing the space-time theory, where the particle cannot be studied only in three dimensions as it's capable of crossing toward more. That way it might look like a lasso. Others say that it's near a perfect sphere but there are also more groups focusing different shapes and characteristics.

When some say it exists lab equipment that see individual electrons maybe they are referring to a quantum microscope and the work of a research team in 2013, but the image —assuming its correctness— could lead to other interpretations as well. That way, the road still accepts and keeps other theories and for who has one please do not forget the fancy names!

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