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EMRAX electric motors from Slovenia

FeaturedEMRAX electric motors from Slovenia

The model EMRAX appears in many sources as an impressive motor in terms of power-to-weight ratio, being capable of producing a spectacular total of 8.3 kW/kg. These figures apply to the model EMRAX 228 and EMRAX 207, with 100 kW and 75 kW respectively. With this technology thousand products could divide their weight for a considerable number keeping the same power, and making things easier.

From Enstroj, the manufacturers of this technology:

EMRAX motor is a completely new type of pancake axial flux brushless synchronous three phase AC (Alternating Current) electric motor.

There are eight words before "electric motor" (nine if you count AC as two) in this phrase! The applications for any electric motor of this kind are numerous but it seems that the first idea for EMRAX motors was to be used in aviation, finding a great performance in power-to-weight ratio.

More information here, and also who uses the technology here.

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