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Graphene is going to break limits soon (Part II)

FeaturedGraphene is going to break limits soon (Part II)

And, what about Internet? Fiber optics need to convert current to light, and restore other time the current and well, sometimes more than two conversions; with a graphene line the ping must be considerably decreased simply after eliminating bottlenecks. By far, there's more carbon than copper in the Universe or the material to create fiber optics.

With faster microprocessors and less cost due to graphene, media and rendering imply results thus some are going to come with big ideas that today could seem a bad joke for the production team!

However, please do not forget that capitalism (or in other words, the ability to decide in terms of private, lucrative interests associated to individuals and particular benefits that others do not have and should) normally decides to exploit every opportunity and establishes a tap for extracting as much as possible from the population, environment or whatever element, with speculators in any corner. A material of this kind could create another "silicon valley" and multimillionaires. So, you could expect high prices and low availability at first and a controlled market, where players are also controlled by the own market techniques for production.

Or, a surprise and a sector that starts to think in others, creating accessibility and making better lives to everyone, giving the opportunity to experience the revolution.

Graphene is, finally, not invented but discovered. A property of the carbon atoms for aggregation in terms of 2D lattices, and it's not a surprise that was presented when other technologies were ready for seeing it and experimentation. Providence, determination and a new age? Lately, ages come pretty fast because there are too many eyes to not see things.

It's a material, but let's say now property when analyzing photovoltaic panels and the task for increasing efficiency in a world where renewable energy is between the rational solutions after the hydrocarbon debacle. It was known that hydrocarbon based resources are finite, and perhaps graphene comes with great solutions in this side of energy production.

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