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Graphene is going to break limits soon (Part I)

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Better said, sooner or later! In a world where electricity should be conducted as quick as possible without too much resistance, and where size means the ability of giving support to more features, lowering weight, increasing speed and energy efficiency, graphene has all the cards for starting one by one to outperform current materials for these purposes. Copper, silicon and fiber optics are some of the bigger names.

Right now the civilization is living a race to discover how to accurately control the theory and limitations, those that come from having an excess of performance. This is the case of the band gap and the semiconducting necessity to create ones and zeros easily without current leakage as with FET transistors. Nonetheless, technology inexorably evolves as so many people are trying in a per day basis. It will come the day of the processor with a jump in clock speed so high that will create a revolution in terms of every area interrelated with computers. Virtual reality, artificial intelligence, scientific computing, media are going to experience the same (or at least great) jump in some years after it. A little device with low energy and high processing capability means a pretty efficient "brain" for robots, lowering a bit the massive distance from human technology to Nature's in terms of autonomy and capabilities.

Exponential supercomputing in each home at low price means that thousand ideas without development due to the exclusivity of the field of research and its expensive bills, can now create new methodologies for applications, and the way to interact with others and promote inherent movements.

(To be continued...)

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