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Linux operating system has important benefits in terms of availability for everybody. Developing countries, educational institutions for instance do not need to acquire expensive licenses for using software, creating in some cases greater access and use.

There are numerous individuals without computers, and the operating system cost is perhaps another rejection factor. This also happens with some other software and Linux almost always provides a viable alternative adding the plus of being open source, so everyone could collaborate for improving it.

That way the development in culture and technology in this area doesn't find limitations due to restrictive operations based in private lucrative interests, so it's interesting to note this aspect for creating a bigger community.

Installing Linux is a straightforward process, although some factors could create difficulties if the user doesn't have the appropriate warnings.

First of all, ensure yourself that the Linux distribution is a well-known one because other ones, without extensive testing, could experience installation problems. A last version could include last hour bugs while the previous one not.

Once the operating system is downloaded and copied to a CD, DVD or removable drive, the user must configure the boot sequence to start from that drive and follow the instructions.

The setup assistant would ask where to install the operating system, and this detail could cause confusion. The advice for newbies is to start the installation with a single drive for the installation and let the assistant work in automatic mode. With another computer and access to Internet, any setback should appear in search engines providing the required steps to solve it.

There's no risk of damaging the computer or the hard drive, but of course the data in the disk can be erased as the operating system installers may format the disk. That's why the user always should backup the important data in other devices.

In this link there are different popular distributions of Linux to try and discover a new set of possibilities.

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