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Graphene fabric for protection suits

Graphene fabric for protection suits

This carbon property of aligning itself in one atom thick was already discovery, showing incredible properties in terms of strength and conductivity. It was said that graphene is stronger than the diamond, but the most interesting aspect is the possibility of creating atom groups in a desired fashion so with the enough technology for it, any shape could be printed in 2D, 3D establishing the highest resolution available mark in one atom.

The human body is considerably weak toward some objects traveling at high speeds like bullets, or others that can perforate the organic tissue. Thinking in falling objects or vehicle accidents, having a protection suit that protects against this or similar problems seems interesting.

Graphene keeps also another characteristic of being one of the best materials in terms of strength-weight ratio, 100 times better than steel of the same thickness. A T-shirt of graphene could be comparable to wearing diamond's clothes, or even theoretically better.

Perhaps we will see this kind of suits in a near future, as very usual in the road or in speed competitions, defense, aerospace or who knows. For sure some people would think in wearing one each hour of the day as it provides a very welcome additional protection.

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