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Recycled paper is much better now

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Years ago, the quality of recycled paper was not formidably high in some situations. The blank sheets may experience spots of variable size or color, rough texture, odors or light resistance to rupture or blend.

Although several manufacturers of recycled paper have been solving almost completely these problems one by one up to introducing a high quality recycled paper. Not being completely white, with a delicate cream color the recycled paper adds an extra touch of sophistication, artistic for someone, like that paper used centuries ago, that fights the contained monotony in simply white. Besides, the white paper inexorably tends to yellowish after some time, an effect that looks less evident with recycled paper.

With this quality, recycled paper fits perfectly for any use, for schools to companies or in governmental bureaucracy. It resists well —even better than some non-recycled paper— laser printing without showing excessive deformation. The price, at the same time, should be competitive and for sure to use recycled paper helps in the task of achieving the required sustainable development that the world must achieve as fast as possible to fight against resource depletion and related setbacks.

Perhaps you should try the new generation of recycled paper for discovering how the field was evolving quietly, but surprisingly!

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