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Faulty monitors or TVs could be easily repaired

FeaturedFaulty monitors or TVs could be easily repaired

Any citizen of the world has the responsibility of thinking in electronic waste, one of the great issues of consumerism and the short life cycle of multiple electronic products. According to repair technicians, almost the 90% of cases the solution is as simple as to replace some little pieces called capacitors.

This is a consequence of the standard design of the power supplies that these devices utilize. With a SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply), it's possible to considerably reducing manufacturing costs employing a much lighter transformer, as the necessary current is delivered in pulses. However, there's a part of the circuit in which the signal must be conditioning to seem continuous. That's where these little parts do the intense job. For that reason it's necessary to use good capacitors and never cheap, with worse specifications in lifetime. It's not a surprise that some well-known manufacturers usually forget this aspect, and do use almost the worst quality in their designs.

Of course the industry is always offering shiny products with the characteristic set of new features, but sometimes the new replacement isn't as good as the original for other reasons, marketing aside.

Good quality capacitors aren't particularly expensive in comparison, with some of them less than 0.75$ / 0.50€ in small packages.

If your LCD / TFT television or monitor starts to act strangely, the main culprits should be these little parts. Please remember it before throwing your completely usable for long years electronic device.

In fact, different individuals with electronics knowledge are constantly finding those innocent users that abandon their TVs or monitors in the trash as an easy method to legally “purchase” an almost new product for less than a few euros / dollars, the help of a screwdriver and a soldering iron.

Not anymore, right? Maybe an excuse to learn the world of electronics?

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