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Faulty hard disk drives

Faulty hard disk drives

Is it a wrong impression that hard drives don't last like before? It was a time in which well-known manufacturers did establish a solid warranty, and for sure they should as hard drives usually keep important data and a faulty hard drive could lead to important loses even when the user follows a sensitive back-up policy.

It seems that any year that passes, multiple products are of lower quality and the price doesn't go down, but it still increases. In the case of hard disk drives, for instance Seagate offers now 3 years for "consumer products", and five to a limited set of drives. Western Digital has here a useful information in this aspect. It has the products marked with different warranty periods, from one to five.

That doesn't look particularly good as the manufacturer should explain why a hard drive could have as little as one year of warranty. A hard disk is not a "consumer toy", it must last much longer than one year.

With each faulty hard disk drive, almost surely it will not be repaired but wasted. So another electronic product with very specific parts that adds to other thousands of millions with the same fate. The e-waste reality is already very worrying to demand legislation in the task of increasing warranty periods and the lifetime of any electronic product.

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