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Raw semiconductors were at some place

They aren't the sameThey aren't the same

The contemporary method to create semiconductors was a great step for technology, using abundant elements and reducing the size considerably each decade. Although semiconductors are another aspect that was there during thousand million years, and finally there's a working principle and interrelated understanding so they can be artificially created with a process called «doping».

It was a time when radios did employ a crystal to catch the signal and amplify it, in the XIX century. Like a mystery, in some zones of the crystal the radio worked, but some user needed some time for discovering the exact point or to calibrate the device. Now that galena or similar crystal would be called diode, one of the most widely used parts in electronics.

Some historical sources explain experiments about the semiconductor effect, not too many centuries ago. The revolution was there, waiting to be discovered in front of every ancient civilization. Now everyone knows that the Earth is a planet with a spherical shape, or what electricity is. The most interesting of this is how other revolutions could stay other time at hand, without news and with the power to change the behavior of the entire world.

Then, every person has reasons for seeking new discoveries, so what are we waiting for?

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