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Laser, a FX that transmits energy

FeaturedLaser, a FX that transmits energy

It's no coincidence that well-known entities like NASA are focusing development in this area, as the imagination provides very interesting uses for it. Wireless energy covering long distances avoids any hassle or effort in multiple circumstances. However, the risks could be considerable in case of malfunctions or in general experiments with precarious security.

Once the laser beam is discovered, sooner or later someone should try it as a method to transport energy. Sometimes inventors need "a push" like the Power Beaming challenges done in America from 2005 to 2009, with a price up to a $900.000 in the last, awarded to LaserMotive LLC. It's interesting to read about the history of this company here. From LaserMotive:

In August 2011, LaserMotive commenced work on multiple contracts for NASA’s Ride the Light program, to design the architecture to use laser power beaming to power satellites in orbit and launch rockets without combustible rocket fuel.

In the upcoming and unstoppable EV adoption, chargers based on lasers could be a desirable option to consider. Nevertheless some are dangerous!

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