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Burnt calories when cycling

FeaturedBurnt calories when cycling

The calculation consider three factors in optimal conditions, without accounting slope, gravity and special conditions in other aspects. Pace, weight and time serve for a good approximation.

It's interesting to remember that calories are a standard unit to measure energy, and as any other, they can be converted. For instance, converting to watts-hour, anyone could observe how Nature creates a superior standard in energy optimization. A mere kilowatt-hour is equal to ~860.000 calories. Let's analyze after this equality how many calories the human organism burns practicing this great sport.

You can visit the web page with the calculator clicking here.

• 30 minutes, 70 kilograms and 12-14 mph → 280 calories.

• 60 minutes, 100 kilograms and 12-14 mph → 800 calories.

As the aforementioned equality seems really difficult to forget, now it's time to calculate how much time and distance would travel a person with 70 kg at 10-12 mph to consume one kilowatt-hour.

Sadly the calculator breaks with large numbers, but anyway it's easy with its help:

• 122.5 minutes, 70 kilograms and 10-12 mph → 860 calories

Now we need to add three more zeros to achieve the approximately 860.000 calories of 1kW-hour and the result is 122.500 minutes, 2041 hours, or near three months constantly cycling and without sleep! With a pace of 11 mph, the distance is more than 22000 miles / 36000 km.

If anyone is concerned about energy optimization, this looks like a good start.

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