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Interactive learning of fundamental particles

FeaturedA window to the unknown.A window to the unknown.

The atom composition continues as one of the most difficult scientific projects, with a great amount of investments both in human resources and equipment. This concept of «equipment» also includes the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) from CERN, a subterranean particle accelerator, reaching 27 km of diameter in its wider circuit for particles! The LHC consumes near 180 MW, or 180.000.000W for that purpose, trying to maintain the best known conditions for particle acceleration. Let's try to not discuss about tips for saving energy in this moment.

The atom comes enclosed with multiple features, and a straightforward method to discover its contents is going old-school breaking pieces. Easy to say, but of course the atom has gained stability using powerful forces.

The understanding of the atom would promote very interesting developments for humanity. Furthermore, every civilization should wish adding this knowledge to science books; it's certainly like an award for the evolution in terms of intelligence.

While the history book is still being written, in this link there's a great source of information from whom know the field and have a wider perspective.

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