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New RAM modules promise less power usage

New RAM modules promise less power usage

Samsung continues fabricating silicon with 20-nanometer technology, achieving the highest density as of today while it also implies less energy consumption than with older sticks.

The company states that the module consumes 40% less energy, and this is an example of the relevance of development in the area of resource depletion and contamination. When a device is used by several hundred million, a little difference in consumption means vast quantities of power.

However, it seems common to employ numbers without showing them all. If the module has more memory, even consuming 40% less than its predecessors, the entire stick would consume more because it has more capacity, right? Probably this technology will also produce sticks with lower capacity thereby really saving energy.

It looks like modules of this kind are planned for next generation devices. There's also though time for thinking on the issues of abundance, when applications start to consume illogical quantities of memory and so the OS. Perhaps not this time!

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