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Open source as a first option

FeaturedOpen source as a first option

The open source movement comes with astonishing benefits, with opportunities for everyone in almost every possible field. It's common to observe multiple software companies establishing very high prices for software licenses, and those who don't proceed with illicit methods could lose the chance of experiencing by themselves the great possibilities of software.

Although different hardware manufacturers are still forcing users to utilize a predefined software, none forces for selecting this kind of device. Even that way, there are methods to gain control of the device and install other operating system without limitations. If you buy something, it's a dare when someone tries to impose more than paying the price, especially in a context like today with so much freeware and open source.

With open source any line of code could be checked to guarantee that there aren't backdoors, spy mechanisms, hardware exhaustion or resource waste on purpose, and in general any methodology that was conceived with “closed door” style. This lamentable procedure is done for a reason; the general civilization would judge with consequences. Open is also a synonym of transparency, a word that some entities prefer to not mention because they know that their steps aren't ready for being at the newspapers. However, it's not the first time that they are!

Finally, an open source software could have thousands of aleatory collaborators, with more chances to upgrades and to resolve malfunctions. There are great projects to check, some even better option that the commercial counterpart, so please take a look at because almost surely, they will be there.

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