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Most intense square meter per day

FeaturedMost intense square meter per day

Solar irradiance varies with great importance, with locations not having too much luck and others with potential to harvest an amazing quantity of energy. In kilowatts per square meter, each day, the highest levels are a bit more of 7.5 and the lowest less than 0.5 and even zero.

Different areas achieve a year average of more than 6.5 kilowatts. According to the data provided from NASA, Aden in Yemen achieves a year average of 6.69 and that's the chart's record.

Looking at Canada, there are two places with absolute zero in December, thus no solar irradiance there. Curiosity makes to get some data about Inuvik, and its winter could provide -40ºC.

Numbers are fun sometimes, but also in our opinion one of the keys to prosperity in the next centuries!

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