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Materials of synthetic leather

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With substitutions that seem almost identical and share common benefits, using leather goes out of the logic. In some areas, there is who believes that showing off really dead skin is associated with social position because they aren't cheap. Instead of trying to gleam thanks simply for being a talented individual... is buying something enough for climbing stairs? Not as easy from our perspective!

Besides the skin comes from another species and if we have the right to live they must have the same. However, dying from natural causes the skin should be useful and free of implications.

Reasons aside, multiple methods were developed for creating a fake of leather, but what about their materials? What kind of plastic? Most of the time is acrylic, polyester, vinyl, and other polymers related to the petrochemical industry.

Did you know that PET, the usual polymer to create water bottles is known as polyester in the textile industry? The same plastic used to create some types of synthetic leather and multiple clothes!

The good part is that some leather substitutions did make a great job, even imitating texture and maybe this has something in relationship with the way the material handles water.

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