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In the XIX century some researchers discovered that plants absorb all necessary nutrients dissolved in water due to electrically charged particles called ions, so even here electricity has a part. Sooner or later, someone tries to grow plants without the usual substrate and this happened a long time ago, in the Aztecs culture.

Then, the soil serves as a reserve for nutrients and support, but it's not strictly necessary. Hydroponics could provide results in some circumstances where other options are not possible.

For support, different crops employ rockwool, sand, peat or others, although there are multiple ones with a bit of creativity and testing.

It has a long list of benefits and as of today, almost no downside excluding that for achieving success, it's required technical expertise and ideally, to create a closed system with electronic automation so the initial cost should be higher in some areas.

As it would reduce the soil over-exploitation, giving more time to the natural cycle of regeneration while it gives great quality products and a nice surface utilization, hydroponics seems a good card for knowing about.

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