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Element 113

Element 113

It's also known as eka-thallium, or ununtrium, and today the most stable isotope of this kind produced artificially has a great radioactive decay, and it loses rapidly energy emitting radioactivity.

Ununtrium is located in the boron group, so the 7th period, but it still doesn't have an official name. The name ununtrium was proposed more or less in the eighties, and it's not the only one. Japonium, Nishinanium, Rikenium, …, and perhaps more.

This element should have great electron speed as other super-heavy atoms, near the speed of light. It has the appearance of a metal, although a very dangerous one! The element 113 doesn't have a known single role in nature.

Curiosities like ununtrium are interesting for research purposes, and right now different groups are handling with these rarities so let's see what they do. However, please be careful and keep your distance!

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