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Theories about electromagnetism

FeaturedTheories about electromagnetism

Once upon a time light and another kind of radiation were considered different. After the work of different scientists, the electromagnetic spectrum does consider light as part of it. Nevertheless, the theory behind the relative equations was considered partially incorrect, leading to new theories trying to explain phenomenons that were happening without mathematical backup. That was the case of very strong electromagnetic fields and in tiny distances.

Now perhaps the more utilized theory is quantum electrodynamics, introducing special relativity and quantum mechanics. It's considered accurate in some areas, but there's much still to walk. Even, its foundation in relativity principles could be incorrect; in fact, all the past theories during hundred of years did not explain coherently every aspect. They seemed right, but after a while, new discoveries and conjectures have proven their percentage of accuracy.

Finally, electromagnetism seems naturally interconnected with the matter itself, so the understanding of elementary particles is then necessary for the task of proposing definitive theories. There are big efforts like the CERN, although the great discoveries are not occurring day after day.

One thing is sure, the topic is understood in portions, and nobody knows of what size. Another, it's how electromagnetic radiation, specially in microwave frequency, capable of passing solid materials, was inserted in everyday life with wireless technology. In the first years, it was a sign of status with mobile phones, but now, another normality as the wireless Internet, with intensive data traffic and with new standards increasing radiation frequencies and wattage to get more speed.

Is it a dangerous business? Does the commodity compensate the possible risk to health? For every user, it's interesting to be aware of new theories because our health could depend on them.

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