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Lithium price

Lithium price

Maybe you are ready to start your own business for batteries because the EV revolution seems near enough for it, and then... how much for a kilogram of this metal? Where to buy it?

In some places the price is about $27 for 100g of pure lithium, $9.5 bulk, so a bit expensive! In other places more to the east $120kg with a 99.9% purity claim. Searching more, more interesting prices appear like $40 or even less but with a minimum order of 10kg and lesser purity. A curious fact is that this element is present in plants and vertebrates, although in very low proportions so nothing for thinking in production.

There are plants with a supply capability even of 10000 tons per month or more, with prices of $10?- $60 per kg and with great purity. These are some published prices in the present day, albeit as always there are thousand options.

The journey obviously doesn't end here; to make lithium-ion batteries the path is pretty complex although the estimation for a near future is lower price as the competency starts to grow.

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