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Graphene development

Coal is fossilized carbonCoal is fossilized carbon

During some time silver was the best electrical conductor and in some places still cite it like this. Graphene, a special 2D arrangement of graphite and therefore allotrope of carbon, surpasses any known material in ambient conditions, and simply for this, looks very interesting.

Another property is its strength; it seems 1000 times more resistant than steel of the same thickness, and for that it could also gain the medal for hardest material.

Although now it's very intensively used in research and development, providing already great news and potential improvements for several areas. Printable electronics, wearable PCBs, supercapacitors, flexible screens, more efficient solar cells, medicine applications, desalination, …

But several years ago, it was also one of the most expensive materials! A rapidly evolving fields is precisely graphene production, trying to achieve low price and the best degree of purity for keeping intact its amazing properties.

Recently, it was published a new method to grow graphene taking inspiration from Nature, how beetles and some frogs attach their extremities to leaves. It's true that graphene development is taking time, but worth the wait.

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