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EV with autonomous drive on Japan's highways

EV with autonomous drive on Japan's highways

Concretely the Nissan Leaf could be found in some highway as the company has plans to develop a commercial autonomous drive for the year 2020. For it, it's the first car that gets a license of this kind in Japan.

These test are relevant for the autonomous drive project and with the license they have passed the first door. The system itself should be complex enough for handling all the variable conditions while ensures security for every other driver.

Perhaps we are closer to the autonomous drive and why not vehicles using clean and versatile energy like this one. The Nissan Leaf is as of today the best selling electric vehicle, completely electric by nature.

Japan, known for its interest in technology and sophistication, encourages the use of electric vehicles and it's one of the countries with more electric vehicles and promising figures. There's a growing interest and awareness on this subject so they focus clean cities, to avoid air toxicity improving quality of life and being responsible with the environment.

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