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Lithium reserves

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When the oil business listens to something about lithium, knows that it's sometimes in reference to electric vehicles, free energy and a clean atmosphere. This kind of things that a living organism like a human should valuate... being capable of breathing clean air, conserving health and quality of life. Although some people seem not very worried about this, and it acts as a true proof of their foxiness. Nevertheless other groups, perhaps who don't make money from black gold, are asking what kind of specie could damage their own environment.

Multiple economies are now basing their main revenue from oil, others do charge a great percentage from hydrocarbons in taxes while they try to forget or block investments on clean energies, normally free. Those that anyone could harvest without paying a single coin, only for the equipment and storage.

Lithium is right now the element that permits to carry a battery with the vehicle, in rational size and weight, providing more than 400 km, with fast charging rates, a reasonable number of charging cycles and finally, as always, the possibility of creating an infrastructure of fast battery-swap stations with standard battery models and covering the entire world with electric vehicles. In one thousand kilometers, two or three stops of ideally one minute each.

It's believed that lithium was one of the main three elements with hydrogen and helium that were produced in the creation of the Universe. So the Earth is not the only place where finding lithium. Some argue about lithium reserves for a thousand years, simply here, on Earth.

Other ones cite that Afghanistan might have great resources of lithium, but now nobody argues about Bolivia, Chile and Argentina as the main holders for this white soft metal. It was already called “white gold”, but in the world of metals, there's already one with this name though.

Sometimes, it's time to not think only in terms of gold or diamonds but social responsibility and future generations because they deserve as any other living organism a clean ecosystem.

These are the great known places where lithium stays magically in context, almost untouched (the parenthesis are for estimation of world reserves by 2013):

  • Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia (65%)

  • Salar de Atacama, Chile (25%)

  • Puna de Atacama, Argentina

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