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Car manufacturers have right now an incredible opportunity based in the possibility of intermixing energy packages and vehicles as a single product. Tesla Motors is a clear pioneer in this field giving electricity for free for the lifetime of the Tesla Model S, if it's bought with the supercharger option.

But obviously the possibilities don't end here! This method seems a mere premonition of what's next. Fuel is expensive and solar energy is free, and everyone could harvest it with especial equipment, installed in their houses or buildings in a community. Furthermore, there's no need to wait until the vehicle gains free energy for traveling hundreds of kilometers with a single charge. The most amazing properties of electric batteries is their ability for being swapped in minutes or even seconds.

And it's here where car manufacturers have a road to a productive business because they theoretically have the infrastructure and I+D capability to develop battery swap systems for individual customers in their homes. So, when a battery charges during the day, other is being used and the user ensures electricity for the entire year without worries if daily routines are below 450 km (more or less the current record with commercial batteries by Tesla Motors), and that's almost sure for the most relevant part.

The vehicle manufacturer could enter in the market for solar canopies or other harvesting methods, battery swap systems and finally batteries. Not a few, and all of this is lost with conventional fuel vehicles, giving a crazy path to climate toxicity and general issues that fit badly with the rationality of who lives here... in the blue planet.

Let's be realistic: fuel vehicles are like a virus for the planet, one that also attacks our health and life expectancy. EV associated principally with solar energy (constant and almost in any location) make the act of traveling potentially free and specially completely free of contaminants for the air that we breath every minute several times.

Time then to open the eyes to what technology permits right here, right now and to close forever the window for the nasty pollution.

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