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Several countries promote renewable energy providing subventions and other benefits to those who use it. For buying electric cars, installing photovoltaic panels or solar water heaters, wind turbines, geothermal equipment to name a few options. Although not every city creates zones in which giving electricity for free.

The most amazing property of renewable energies is precisely this, they are completely free if you have the right tools for harvesting it.

A public point of free renewable energy is perfectly possible for instance using solar panels where anyone could plug in different electronic devices. New York was one of the pioneers on this, as one of the most advanced cities in the world, in using public stations for recharging mobile devices using photovoltaic technology. These public charging stations have a curious shape similar to a flower.

Did you hear about Tesla Motors Supercharger?

It's easy to envision some of this in public areas offering fast free charging (120kW and up) to electric vehicles, property of the government, purchased by public money. They are for sure cheaper than some of these expensive military investments! And, you couldn't argue about what's more helpful for everyone because the war, the brute force methodology, should be the last idea coming from an intelligent being.

Anyway, it seems that some time is required for starting to behave like truly advanced societies.

Now the good winds: the USA has a considerable number of public EV charging stations, more than five thousand and there are fifteen thousand in Europe.

Some announcements are talking about a plan to have 800.000 public chargers in the European Union by 2020. Although the top output is actually rather inferior to the technology behind Tesla Motors Supercharger.

There's a constant development about the power output of charging stations and interrelated battery technology and for that, this field looks like the most surprising one in the last years!

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