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Water use in the home

FeaturedWater use in the home

Knowing what areas are most important in water usage, it's easier to be responsible in the task of saving water resources. Several countries are not specially skilled in this task, since the average water use in each home could surpass one hundred fifty litters per person each day! That's not respectful with hundreds of millions, because there are who don't have access even to drinking water.

It's also recommendable to remember that the process to make water usable for being drank cost energy and there's then a path to create more pollution.

For giving some introductory numbers a washing machine could imply more than 100 litters of water, a dishwasher 50 litters or more and a usual shower 50 litters. For sure, the numbers add up until the aforementioned average consumption of which a lot of individuals are responsible.

Different tap models could maintain a flow with numerous litters per minute, but there's the option of deciding when keeping it open. This simple coordination between hands could reach thousands of litters less each year.

There's a lot of products and ideas thought to save water and it's obvious that the problem is not related with do not having the opportunity of doing it. Like it happens with carbon dioxide emissions, in the same field where solar energy is more than enough for the world's energy needs. Let us include here that the problem lies in the education and a sad interest for thinking in personal commodities and benefits rather than with empathy to others and future generations. So as others do the same, that's the main excuse; the sarcastic class and elegance that some people are showing to the history.

Then the relevant information is: showers, washing machines and dishwashers do cause a high water use. None of those actions should be made without being necessary in general and in this area it's required to avoid puerile behaviors. Toilet flushing is also considerable, but here the option lies in selecting different water quantities for different requirements as nobody is going to ask you for living with nasty smells or bacteria.

Cleaning, kitchen and drinking are the other sources and the advice is like always thinking previously if the everybody's resource consumption is reasonable and could be justified.

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