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Here, in 10kOxygen, we are mainly worried about the quality of the air in eight thousand years ahead of us. For that reason we try to select products that try to break limits in our "For..., say interest" series.

Today the focus is toward ATX power supplies, and for whom doesn't know what the acronym means these are the ones for the usual personal computers that fit in a standard space. The question is... are we going to see 1800W models? Breaking limits, this is principally a consequence of graphic cards increasing their power demands and giving users the ability to purchase several for the same PC, offering better performance than obviously a single unit alone. Shared profit in some terms, for... say interest.

So, if we consume more than a thousand watts for playing some game, is because we can pay that energy, isn't it? Perhaps we are being guilty of not correctly using energy resources, and the future... that incredible quantity of people that should need them, then is going to pay the setbacks. Take care of what you do because it is written in your history, none can erase it.

As nobody can hide how the top graphic cards did raise the energy consumption as a rule of thumb. New products, new prices, but the cards deserve another article alone.

Actually, the PSU that feed more hungry entertaining software (not always although almost), is it near 2000 watts? What users demand? For it, a thread question in a known forum:

 I need about 1800 - 2000W PSU!!! 3x6990's!


The date is June, 2011.

The 6990 was the graphic card model, AMD stated in its web page a warning for hardware system requirements:

750W Watt or greater power supply with two 150W 8-pin PCI Express® power connectors recommended (1000W and four 8-pin connectors recommended for AMD CrossFireX™.

If you add 10 watts with 10 watts in a piece of paper, you will need for sure space to reach 1kW. One of main advantages of LEDs was their low energy consumption, and that is a "better environmental citizenship for the end user" in words of FXLuminaire, at the section "Take Advantage of Superior LED Technolgy", a company that sells LED lighting.

Are all users and manufacturers of this kind of graphic cards worse world citizens? One assert should imply the other as far as we see, but marketing is marketing for cloudy eyes. Some people like to make up things even when they are easily seen that way! Soon or later everybody can analyse them. Advertisements like: "We are breaking the 1000 watts barrier for you to playing games. Period."

Yes, there are 2000 watts power supplies for personal computers, the higher one... but as of 2013 several in the 1600-1800 watts range. 1500 watts ores are also about 250€ / 330$ so it's a market technique that doesn't help our air to breathe and with it the health.

It was a time when children played with games where no electricity was required, but now numerous societies are training their children for collaborating in to waste electric energy while it's really problematic for everybody.

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