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In several developed countries the water consumption by each individual is surprising, in this kind of societies where personal commodity is too high to be sustainable. More than hundred liters in several locations, and that's a pretty exact number because there are different technical tools allowing considerable precision in the measurement.

In other places people are dying because they don't have water to drink, a very important aspect to remember in order to take care of the resources because means respect toward the victims.

Other sad number is how hundreds of millions don't have access to drinking water, causing serious difficulties to their life. Albeit the abundance creates the critical issue of an incorrect use and like all of them, it starts other negative group of consequences that nobody would want to be part of.

When the tap water goes down the sink, there's not a detector to identify if is still clean. It will be treated like the dirtiest one for being industrially cleaned, where of course energy is required. Talking about developed societies all tap water should come from that treatment and carries some disinfectants. A costly process that should be analysed before using water like a game.

Sometimes in the bathroom it's not reasonable to use all the water contained in the toilet, you could try pressing with care for avoiding a full release that usually works. Is it necessary  to maintain the tap opened when you are cleaning objects? It's guaranteed that if you intermittently open and close it, trying to think the appropriate moment, the liters per day will be less. Not only cleaning dishes, teeth, hands or whatever, this is specially valid for a shower or any other high demand activity.

Only trying this kind of methods you will be collaborating in saving resources, or energy if you prefer, and the pillow should be softer for your concerns.

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