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High class car for... say interest!

FeaturedHigh class car for... say interest!

How many kilograms does a vehicle weigh? Is always luxury interrelated with fuel consumption?

In several cities, is usual to see how a large number of cars don't carry passengers. Pretty normal when there's no problems like the air pollution to think of. Someone prefers to be comfortable, and take a vehicle that weighs more than a ton for... say interest.

Because in fact, several vehicles are even near two tons, specially those ones with big wheels like all-terrain vehicles. Some people buy this vehicles for not being used in that conditions at all, but maybe they think that are elevated from the soil a bit more.

The second question of the start should be affirmative in a big percentage. Luxury cars, normally, have bigger space, motor and probably wheels. The driver then has a lot of space if he or she decides to use the vehicle alone.

That's not high class with the planet and the future...

For travelling with a ton you need a big quantity of energy, for sure. Is that energy rationally used or in exchange for factors like personal commodity, vanity or others?

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