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Wi-Fi technology was adopted too fast and this is not really strange but an evidence of what's usual nowadays. Who sell related products do speak well about microwave radiation while try not to mention those studies that warn about possible risks.

What is in the debate? Life? Black or white? Secure or insecure? For sure, it's not that simple.

Something is really clear because the organism is made from thousand million pieces so for having that level of abstraction and consider them all is not as easy as to say black or white, yes or no. If you observe what's happening at CERN they are trying to understand what's happening in a subatomic level, and means that nobody is sure about what is there or how could interact with different kinds of energies.

Nevertheless, the electricity was more or less discovered about three hundred years with the development of the voltaic battery, while the electric motor did lead to the generation and industrial advance. So, it's not a lot of time if you think on it.

Some issues need to be tested, and specially radiation, in the long term. When you look at the subsequent effects of thermonuclear weapons, you can understand that there's a kind of storage in the human organism. This reality leads to health issues in future years, even decades after the exposure.

Something like this could make us guess that is relevant to talk about exposure time and energy of the radiation. But as elementary maths tells, one plus a lot of ones could reach infinite if you wish it. One could be secure, while infinite not but stronger than your life so the word here is precaution.

It's rare not to find, specially at home, a spot for installing cable and avoiding long exposures. Same for numerous public locations, and one of the most interesting aspects is the increased speed and stability with cable.

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