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More data on phone radiation

FeaturedMore data on phone radiation

When someone decides to use a property of something that it's not well understood, there's normally a risk. And the river sounds with this one. In fact nor electricity is by far understood, although it's easy to find who asseverates to know everything. Multiple opinions tough, with some still wondering why the diode sign points to a direction that is then incorrect if the current flows from negative to positive. Finally the explanation to the electricity comes at an atomic level making difficult to be sure. The same for "electromagnetic" radiation but here the interactions are more complex. One thing is assured; you can use and measure it. Others think now: "and sell it".

Well, it's a risk sometimes for health and without it, you could argue about the purpose of the money or the convenience. Recently we linked to an empirical study related to how radiation in the usual emission power and distance that come from Wi-Fi modems / cards affects DNA chains in sperm. This is believed to be a non-thermal effect of microwave radiation, in the biological counterpart.

Now more studies arise showing non-thermal effects of radiation in these frequencies, a curiosity in the spectrum for its ability for passing through air, walls and organic tissue and interact with water. Perhaps you will find the effects of 3G radiation in the brain of other mammalians interesting creating functional alterations.

This is the link to the study.

Nevertheless, it's not necessary to condemn other mammalians for studying this radiation. It's a straightforward and cheap solution for some people, but it continues being death for other species. They aren't guilty at the same time and the license is objectionable from multiple sides.

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