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Internet goes to near 3 billion users!

Internet goes to near 3 billion users!

And growing, Internet comes with amazing benefits for everyone providing countless web pages. Culture has the possibility of reaching at any part of the world where a single telephone line is installed or even via satellite signal. The information crosses the planet without boundaries (well, not every government permits all directions) and still trying to shut down the net it would be practically impossible because most important than the providers is having the knowledge and tools to connect.

This generation is living one of the greatest revolutions, a dream of the science fiction just a few decades ago. The number of possibilities seems to not have limits with a splash of new ideas and pages every few hours. With the passing of the years, Internet continues providing solid values of freedom and the interrelated accessibility, thus it's not a matter of being rich to enjoy and constitute a bigger revolution.

Close contact promotes a more peaceful environment in which a lot of people is starting to understand that it's not nationality here or there but an almost equally genome then with the same characteristics. In ancient times a leader could change the people's mind causing conflicts of any kind between groups. Today, having the ability of directly speaking and visually knowing the truth checking multiple sources of information, the problems are much headed to the governmental entities that do the work without respecting the ethics or the law.

The number of users in social media with international scope proves that people like to make friends anywhere and also that racism or other similar behaviors against the scientific logic and rationality are now being left behind. A library of genes that interacts for the reason of diversity.

Not everything is a field of beautiful roses though; there are spikes and too many signals and roads to place. Internet provides actually coverage to more than one felony, pornography, sects, psychological abductions, frauds, false information or others that it's better to not mention. Anyway the necessity of control claims precisely efforts in the task of creating a better place, safe for adults and especially children since a wrong education promotes lamentable results.

Let's stick with the good things for now knowing that near three billion people have the power in their hands!

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