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Wireless vs cable II

FeaturedWireless vs cable II

Convenient, comfortable, fashionable and accumulative, wireless uses radiation for communication. The atmosphere functions as a protection for avoiding some “micro” waves, x-ray, gamma, UV and beta particles. A bit of the more dangerous enters, but supposedly in low rates so the life can continue without massive issues. Radio frequency was there during so much time, although it's surprising the use of the word EMF in studies as this includes gamma radiation or light as well. Sunlight exposure, in certain months and hours, does cause an obvious increase in the risk of illnesses that in other time were fatal. That's then EMF, and follows the current theories of believing that every form of radiation is from the same nature.

So, when you read: “It was demonstrated that exposition to EMF fields doesn't increase risks”, it's completely false. Let's insist other time that light and UV are an EMF field, part of the electromagnetic spectrum in most of the theory books today. Anyway, not before Maxwell who unified them although who knows what could appear tomorrow.

One thing is sure; the use is massive and the quantity of radiated energy below the atmospheric protection is constantly increasing. As the time for testing long-term effects requires long-term studies, the current civilization solved that problem converting to the population in the study itself.

Selling, promoting this technology, different groups have been earning fortunes and a big percentage of the population was sometimes equally happy for the conveniences and commodity, trying to listen those words more relaxing and not those that generate psychological adversity. When a scientific study correlates, the quick interest generally seems to find lacks of procedure because otherwise, what am I doing with this EMF emitter in my pocket and using it every day during the last years? Am I intelligent for playing with the only life that I can assure and feel?

All those questions with a cable near, with better specifications and the possibility of using it without special hassles.

An emitter creates an electric field in the air by radiating electricity with an antenna. In electronics, that EMF radiation is picked in near conductors without protection inducing aleatory noise and creating changes in the behavior of the system. Too optimistic to think that no radiation in high frequency and scarce distance of emission will pass into the human organism causing modifications, subtle or for a chain reaction. Zones with less inherent protection create higher risk of interaction.

A good paper is this. The sperm count was being reduced in the last decades by the way.

The paper includes DNA fragmentation, something considered impossible by many specialists on the subject. Still? It could look possible in terms of applied energy per unit of mass. Another possibly relevant experiment may be in wound healing scenarios.

There are other studies but one should be more than enough.

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