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Supernatural powers, what?

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For thousand years different groups have been believing in supernatural powers until the present time. With the arrival of TV and other media, numerous individuals appeared in places with big audiences, ensuring knowing the future or having other powers. What did they believe?

With different methods, this kind of individuals presented several premonitions toward the private life of well-known people. They rate of success was more or less the same of everyone else, so the time and opportunities do certify the obvious and the same for other capacities away of the general percentage.

When anomalies happen, and explanations are scarce, it exists the possibility of incorrect assumptions. If a person naturally avoids some illness, and there aren't medical answers, somebody could think in miracles. Adding more interest, in that case, who believe in others having powers for speaking in the name of a superior entity, or to expel demons from the body could assign that “miracle” as being performed by a person. A main question then is: if somebody can, why wait? Prove it in a controlled environment in which other explanations would be impossible.

The problem is that controlled environments differ considerably from TV or other type of similar scenarios. During centuries there was the critical reality of hundreds of ideas for achieving incorrect perceptions, with a purpose, with people believing in what they had seen, although this doesn't mean at all that it was the truth.

With the arrival of satellite footage and cameras in every place, those stories about people appearing from mystical places ceased to occur. Magically.

A good therapy to avoid thoughts that could go to this singular tunnel is to remind that having powers, it would be very easy to demonstrate the capacity, without tricks and having a group of professionals in the field without links to the experiment giving the green light. Words are easy, but this is a result without natural process to create it. Who sees is because the eyes so a supernatural power should imply another methodology, and for sure, until today, this was not scientifically confirmed while the experiment is more than easy.

Someone affirms that a superior entity do care about him and wants to educate children. Ok, let's say that we publicly ask and wait for a miracle or a “sign” of any kind, a reasonable time, before considering it false and starting legal actions. That superior entity should know and accomplish the action for his representative. This experiment is at hand any day.

It exists a line in history in which it could be possible to create a document that would be believed for next generations, and everything that happened before this line lies in the mouth to mouth style, tale to tale, without the chance of knowing the truth.

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