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Water consumption efficiency

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A liter to clean a spoon? In this article we are going to provide different techniques to achieve better efficiency in water consumption at home.

Taking a shower each day isn't necessary for most of the population

This consumption is with the washing machine, washing dishes and bathwater between the most relevant. People with special needs should be clean each day but with a normal life, two times per week seem an appropriate rate.

Already taking a shower, the water flow doesn't need to be continuous

This means when the user is using the hands for other tasks specially washing hair with soap, there's no need for having up to a 10 or more liters per minute water flow.

Washing dishes, the water flow might be reduced with the same result or even better

There are specific add-ons that allow a better regulation. The user could learn to use the hands for removing soap with a very small water flow. It works well and the difference in consumption is surprising.

Washing dishes by hand, it would be interesting to place a container to the water that falls

Some water is still clean enough for clearing the soap in other pieces, and also for using it as a solvent. Think for instance in a glass of water with some resistant dirt, it permits to use previous water for this purpose. There are other possibilities for utilizing the remaining water flow, simply the user needs to apply some intelligence on it.

In the bathroom, perhaps it would be possible to action the chain mechanism in steps

This means not completely emptying.

The washing machine of course waiting to a full charge and not for few cloth pieces

A symptom of responsibility and efficiency in organization. Often before cleaning two times a piece due to a bad result, maybe another process could save this inefficiency.

Simply apply those tricks and you would experience a great improvement in water consumption. Something that usually also means less inversions in this regard. To be responsible helps a lot and establishes a difference between who does it nice, and who don't usually for a bit of clumsiness (solvable for sure).

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